Monday, January 28, 2013

More shoulder stuff :)

"Most people experience discomfort in the anterior delt (front of their shoulder). This can be a number of issues but here is the deal for most people. When you first start working out you are relatively limited to what you can do. The volume that you can handle and loads you can lift are minimal, but this changes over time. As your work capacity increases you can do more, lift more, and handle more stress. This means it’s all the more important to stay in good positions when working out. These are all the things we talk to you in about during the instruction portion of class… even if you’ve heard it 100 times before. ”Armpits forward”, “elbows down”, “active shoulders”, “external rotation”… if all this sounds new to you then you need to pay some more attention peeps! The issues most face are due to internal rotation and repeated movements in that position. Things like burpees, push ups, overhead squats, etc can all cause some issues. Most likely, it’s not the front of your shoulder that’s “messed up”. It’s typically tied to your chest, sub scap (under your shoulder blade), and scalene muscles which are in your neck.

 Two things that can help.


2. Once you create a healthy range of motion for your shoulder you need to keep it strong there. All the things we do help build that strength when we do it well."   C/O - CF Park City

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  1. This looks awesome can't wait to try! Nice find and love how the crossfit community shares health.